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Hello and Welcome to The Bleached Curl!

 I'm so happy that you're here to read what my Minnesotan-self has to say about all things fashion, travel, and life!

My name is Abby Graf and I'm from the Twin Cities. I graduated from college with a degree in Professional Writing and Communication with minors in Marketing and Public Relations. I'm currently a Social Media Ad Specialist and create and author The Bleached Curl as a way to express my love for fashion and connect with those of you around the world who are inspired by the endless realm of style and all its glory. I'm a 21-year-old gal who loves Taylor Swift, my dog, Tony, and the color pink. I geek over space, I love to read, and writing is one of my greatest passions. 

I hope I am able to inspire you in ways others have inspired and influenced me. I've always loved fashion from such a young age, and I'm so excited to be able to share my passions and who I am with you.

So thanks for stopping by, feel free to stick around to check out my outlook on fashion, lifestyle, and beauty!

The Bleached Curl is a fashion and lifestyle blog created to help those who seek inspiration by curating a style completely tailored to their preferences and personality, leaving them confident and content. So welcome, this is me.

To read more on me, where my inspiration for the blog came from and more, check out my Welcome, About Me, and Blogging Tips posts. 


With love,


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