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100th Post + Blog Updates + Upcoming Giveaways

100th blog post, giveaways, updates

Ahhhh!! Happy February and welcome to my 100th blog post!! I can't believe we've already hit 100 posts, y'all. That's crazy! Thank you so much for reading along on my blogging journey. I truly appreciate all of your support and am so happy that I have this platform to share my thoughts and ideas with everyone. I wanted to spend some time sharing some upcoming goals with you, as well as some exciting things happening around the blog now that we are cruising through the new year.

Since it's my 100th post and one of the best holiday's of the year is only two weeks away (yes, Valentine's Day), the month of February is bound to be a fun one for you, me, and The Bleached Curl.

First things first, since we are on post 100, I wanted to share some upcoming things happening to the blog. I am currently in the middle of re-vamping the design of the pages. I'm adding new features, making them more user-friendly, and also transferring all of my blog posts because Wix is switching over their blogging app. It's a process, and I've been at it for about a week now and am excited to show you the finished design! I'm aiming for it to be published by the end of February, but for now you are able to browse my website as usual until the fresh pages have arrived.

I have an extreme sudden urge to make the blog more personal, so it's my goal for 2020 to start sharing more lifestyle and life-talk posts with you. I want to be more open and honest about topics outside of fashion that I think you would really enjoy reading. If you have any topics you'd like me to cover, you can submit them to me here :)

I also wanted to share a list of my top 10 posts with you to celebrate the past 100 I've shared. These posts include top trending on The Bleached Curl and a few of my faves over the last (almost!) two years that if you haven't already checked out, I'd love for you to!

1. My Honest Review of Shein

2. The Best Things to Do in NYC

3. My College Reflection

4. 21 Things I Learned by 21

5. Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration

6. 20 Fun Facts About Me

7. Travel Packing 101

8. How to Find the Cutest and Best Styles at the Most Affordable Prices

9. Review of "Lover"

10. What I Learned My First Year Blogging

Upcoming Giveaways:

This month, I will be kicking off a series of giveaways just for YOU! I started brainstorming this idea back in December and wanted to find the best way to give back to all of you because you so graciously allow me to share my life with you on my blog and social media channels. It's been a whirlwind of an experience, but I don't think I'd have it any other way. This upcoming series of giveaways will include one per week during each week of February, and will be launched to my Instagram and Facebook feeds so make sure to follow me and like my page if you haven't yet!

Giveaway 1: Gift Card to Wuollet Bakery

Calling all of my local Twin Cities babes, this one's just for you! Going live tomorrow, I'm partnering with Wuollet Bakery and you'll have the chance to enter for the chance to win a Gift Card to Wuollet Bakery (covers the price of one cake--$50). They are my favorite bakery in town and have the best cakes around (the Princess Torte is my fave)! You can use this as an opportunity to treat yourself or a loved one just in time for Valentine's Day.

*See Instagram or Facebook post on 2/3/2020 for full requirements/details*

LIKE Wuollet's Facebook page here

LIKE The Bleached Curl's Facebook page here

Giveaway 2: Galentine's Self-Care

On February 9th, you're not going to want to miss this. I'm teaming up with some bloggers on my Instagram to treat one special gal this Galentine's Day! You'll have the opportunity to win a $150 gift card and self-care basket.

*See Instagram post on 2/9/2020 for full requirements/details*

Giveaway 3: Travel Jewelry Bag from Ellis James Designs

On February 17th, I'm partnering with Ellis James Designs to give you the opportunity to win a Travel Makeup Jewelry Bag! This is one of my favorite brands when it comes to travel makeup/toiletry bags and I've collabed with them twice in the past (see here). I use their bags every single time I go on vacation and literally all of my makeup fits in them. I'm so excited that this time around I'll be able to share a jewelry bag with you! Stay tuned for more details.

*See Instagram or Facebook post on 2/17/2020 for full requirements/details*

Giveaway 4: Starbucks Gift Card

The last of my giveaway series will be a Starbucks Gift Card! This is in no way sponsored by Starbucks, I just wanted to finish out the month with something between you and me. This will be a blog only giveaway, so you must be subscribed to enter!

See Instagram post on 2/24/20 for full details*

I hope you're just as excited for the month of February as I am! I can't wait to kick off this giveaway series and am looking forward to Valentine's Day in just a few short weeks! If you're still in need of some Valentine's Day outfit inspo, check out my V-Day post now with a round-up of 50+ styles under $40.



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