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How to Create a Jumpsuit Illusion with a Crop Top and High-Waist Trousers

Hello from Colorado! We are still on the trek home from our California road trip, but we are slowly but surely making our way.

Following our one day/night in San Francisco, we made our way down to Los Angeles for the weekend to see Taylor Swift’s reputation Stadium Tour at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. And again, because this is solely an #OOTD related post, you can find my thoughts on the concert, photos and more on this post.

Because I’m making 5 stops at the reputation Stadium Tour this summer, I’ve been trying to choose my outfits accordingly and wisely for each show. I actually came to Los Angeles with a whole different outfit already packed, but once we arrived to Pasadena for the day, I saw a Forever 21 and the rest is history.

Let me tell you, I hunted for almost 2 hours for this outfit. I. Looked. Everywhere. I had in mind the specific style of pants I wanted (pictured below), and I thought there was no better place than Forever 21 to find them. But as more time passed and I tried on more clothes, I just wasn’t vibing with any of them. I had already found a new swimsuit and a shirt for the rep Tour in Minneapolis but nothing for LA. Right before I was about to check out, I decided to take one more stroll through the store in hopes that an outfit that I loved would land in my arms. And at last, it did.

mesh daisy shirt with black linen trousers

Daisy Mesh Top: Forever 21 (wearing small, TTS) | Cropped Cami: Forever 21 (black, available in other colors) | Linen Blend High-Waist Trousers: Forever 21 (black, wearing small, TTS) | Jandals (not pictured): Amazon (light brown, available in other colors)

abby graf at the reputation stadium tour

My favorite thing about this outfit was that it correlated with the reputation album in some way. The mesh daisy top reminded me of a line from Tay’s one and only Godly, Gospely song, “Don’t Blame Me.” The line goes as followed: I once was poison ivy but now I’m your daisy. And because I’m a huge Taylor fan, I found sentiment in the shirt and knew it was meant to be.

I usually don’t wear mesh clothing too often, but I loved that rather than the typical black mesh we always see, this was a fun blush and cream color adorned in embroidered daisies. Another thing I loved about this crop top is the scalloped crochet-lace trim. It adds a balance between the mesh and the embroidery and creates a polished look. The crop top fits TTS (wearing a S) and it was perfect for an outdoor concert.

To create a jumpsuit illusion, I opted for a black cropped cami to go under the mesh top and tucked it into the high-waist trousers. By doing so, the black trousers and cropped cami elongated the look. Though if you’re not a fan of black, white would’ve done too!

The trousers are unbelievably comfortable, and they were easy and light to jump and dance around in. I love the silver zip slant pockets. They’re chic and add an extra pop to the look. The pants fit TTS (wearing a S) and they have an elastic waist band so they hug easily to the waistline but are able to stretch.

abby graf at the reputation stadium tour

For shoes, I went with my go-to slip-ons. Though they are not pictured, you can find them here and they are only $12.99 on Amazon! **Though they do give blisters while breaking them in (or for me they did at least), after a few days of of usage, they are the most comfortable shoes in the world** I’ll definitely be ordering more of them for this summer. Thanks to @abbyfriedges (insta) for this hot steal.

abby graf at the reputation stadium tour

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