One to Remember: The Reputation Stadium Tour in Pasadena

Whether it was the childlike whims of stomping around a tiered water fountain during Nice Things, the magical rainbow lights during Shake It Off, the dedication of Long Live/New Year’s Day to the fans, or the two surprise guests, Taylor made sure to end her weekend (and mine) in Pasadena with a bang.

As mentioned in my first road trip post (found here), following San Francisco we made the trek down to LA to see Taylor Swift’s reputation Stadium Tour at the Rose Bowl. Though it was not my first outdoor Taylor concert, it was my first ever LA Taylor concert, and throughout her last four tours I’ve admired the beauty of a Los Angeles Taylor Swift concert from afar, and envied those who got to attend because they were always the most special throughout each tour (aside from the infamous Gillette Stadium rain show).

The excitement leading up to this, let me tell you. This was my first Taylor concert since October of 2016, and after fully being in the dark then all of a sudden having an album and Stadium Tour thrown at us within the span of 9 months, I was not prepared. And if you’re headed to the rep Tour sometime this summer, you’re not ready for it either.

I'll spare the details for my rep Tour Chicago post (coming soon), and just share pictures from one glorious night in Pasadena, kicking off my summer full of concerts across the country.

**DISCLAIMER: all photos used in this post were taken by me on my iPhone 8 Plus and if planing to use/share, give credit to The Bleached Curl or @abbygraf on Instagram**



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