Road Trip to Cali, Anyone?

Ahhhh!! Hi, hi, hi! So glad I get to finally write this post. I’m so excited to share the details and photos from my road trip with you guys.

Because we visited so many different places, I’m going to be breaking the trip into three different posts (and tons of OOTD posts), because they’ll each run lengthier with tons of pictures and more!

When we started our trip from The Cities to San Francisco, our original idea was to drive all the way through and just take turns driving. We took I-80 almost the entire way, making a detour to Denver to stop for breakfast at 3AM. From there, we made our way through the Rocky Mountains.

sunrise in the rocky mountains; road trip

the rocky mountains

the rocky mountains

After driving through the mountains for about 18 hours, we decided that our first stop would be South Lake Tahoe, since we still had one night before our actual hotel booking in San Fran.

Talk about views. We arrived pretty late to Tahoe, so the drive through the forest was dark and dreary, but it held a very calming, cool aesthetic to it.

south lake tahoe at night

The drive out of South Lake Tahoe was also through the mountains/forest, and in all honesty, it was the most beautiful scenic drive I’ve ever partaken in.