How To Style Tie-Waist Pants in a Late Summer Transition Outfit

Olive Green Tie Waist Pants with tube top

It's already mid-August?!

We are so close to fall, and although I love summer, the fashionista in me is ready to burst out of her shell to start wearing all of the best fall attire — sweaters, trousers, tights, boots & booties, jackets...the list goes on and on and on. Fall attire is home to one of my favorite color palettes — deeper tones of olive green, blues, Amber reds and oranges — as well as some of my favorite fabrics: knit, corduroy, leather, suede, and flannel.

One of my favorite things about the months of August and September is that they act as transitional months from summer to fall, which lots a great period of time to really navigate towards a style that is completely you for the new season. Much of these transition outfits consist of summer pieces that have the ability to be styled into fall outfits, along with fall pieces that have the ability to act in two seasons.

Personally, I really love this transitional period because it gives me an outlet to play around with new styles that have been introduced for the upcoming season while managing to mix in some of my favorite summer pieces that I’m not quite ready to shy away from just yet.

Tie-waist pants are a great option for this transitional period, as they can be easily paired with a summer shirt such as crop or tank top. They are also great for leg coverage on the cooler nights, and they easily pair well with a moto or denim jacket, making them a very versatile piece within your wardrobe.

Olive Green Tie Waist Pants with tube top

Pants: Target | Tube Top: Forever 21 | Heels: Forever 21 (no longer available, similar here) | Necklace: Maurice's

Last week, I bought a pair of #TargetStyle Who What Wear Tie-Waist pants and I cannot get enough of them! Because it's still pretty hot out in Minnesota, I wanted to style an outfit that would showcase a late summer transition into the cooler and crisp season, with fall-like pants and a summer-like top.

The pants are unbelievably comfortable and the material is light, which makes them easy to move around in and very functional. The olive color is a staple for fall and it brings out the rich hues in any outfit. The tie-waist has an elastic band so the pants do have some stretch-ability as well. Two pockets line the front, while two faux horizontal pockets dress the back. I'm wearing a size XS and they fit TTS, and Target also carries these babies in a