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How To Incorporate Last Year's Fashion Trends into the New Season

I swear the months are just starting to blend together. I can't believe it's already mid-September. The last few weeks have flew by and have been jam-packed with so many things that my small window of time right now between classes is the only time I've had to sit down and get cracking on a new blog post. So hi and sorry for the long wait!

Though it is September, it feels as if we're in the middle of the Sahara desert during prime summertime. But whenever Minnesota decides to jump over this heat wave, we will be amidst my favorite (and basically everyone else's favorite) season, fall.

And though we all love fall, a question many of us run into about this time every year is: can I still wear last seasons trends? And the answer is simple: Yes.

Incorporating last season's trends into a new look is always one of my favorite escapades each and every year. I'm typically one of those people that has trouble with ditching last year's trends--or even the year before's trends--because I simply just can't let them go. When I buy a shirt or pants or a pair of shoes, I buy them because it fits my style, not the current trends in style. A reason I go about stocking my wardrobe this way is because although I like to stay on top of the trend evolution, I also like to remain true to my unique personal style...which is why I'll always say it's okay to wear last years trends (unless of course it was only a fad, but that's for a different time).

An extremely easy way to incorporate last seasons look into an outfit is by taking a look at your statement pieces and your accent pieces. Do you want last season's piece to be a statement in your outfit? Or do you want it to be an accent to a newer garment that's on trend? One way I go about this is by styling my outfit around last season's wear. Whether it's a pair of shoes, a sweatshirt, shirt, etc., I'll always start with it first then take a look at my remaining wardrobe and go from there.

Yesterday, I broke out last fall's most favorable look: the platform sneaker. And though the platform trend migrated into the spring and summer season's of this year in the form of sandals, the sneakers never really made their trip around the sun into the new fall looks and many designers have ditched the drift to focus on different styles.

To style an outfit with the sneakers, I started with them in mind and basically worked my way up, picking out what pants to wear with them and then moving onto tops and accessories.

White Blouse with blue skinny jeans and platofrm sneakers

Layered Blouse: Francesca's (no longer available, similar here) | Skinny Ankle Jeans: Old Navy (size 2, TTS) | Alesy Embroidered Velvet Platform Sneakers: Kenneth Cole (no longer available, find on eBay here) | Necklace: Maurice's | Bracelet: Maurice's

platform sneakers and blue jeans

I wanted the outfit to remain neutral in eye appeal from head-to-toe, which is why I didn't go with a lot of head-turning pieces. The outfit holds a simplistic, chic everyday look which is what I had in mind before I even started piecing the look together.

The light blue skinny ankle jeans I chose complimented the dark navy of the sneakers well. To brighten the look, I went with a plain white blouse which ties into the white sole of the sneakers, capturing a balanced appearance from top to bottom. To add to the simplicity of the entire look, I chose delicate accessories: my go-to, everyday-wear necklace and its matching engraved "Fearless" bracelet.

Incorporating last years trends into this years looks can sometimes be hard, but it's not rocket science. It's always important to remember to remain true to your style when doing so and remember to find a balance between new and old.

If there's anything to take away from this about wearing last seasons trends it's this:

-Wear it because you want to, not just because you want to stay on trend

-Wear items that you love and feel 100% you in (even if it's from many seasons ago)

-Style your outfits around your older piece

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