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5 Thanksgiving Day Outfits Under $100

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Turkey Day is just around the corner and the question that is on everyone's minds (it's on mine at least!) is what am I going to wear to celebrate this holiday?

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because not only is it home to the best food, but also a great day to spend time with family and be thankful for everything this past year has brought and for what the next year has in store.

Planning holiday outfits every year is a favorite thing to do of mine and for this holiday season, I wanted to create some outfits for you all to view and shop to get that perfect Thanksgiving Day look. And if you haven't started thinking about it yet, Thanksgiving will be here just before you know it and I don't want you to be outfit-less the day of.

Below are 5 Thanksgiving Day Outfits Under $100 for you to shop or to gain some outfit inspo from, because we've all been in that place where we just have no clue what we are going to wear to celebrate the holiday...and that is a-okay.

Outfit 1

This look screams Thanksgiving Day with its sandy tones and basic neutrals. These Wild Fable (Target) jeans are the perfect high-waist pair for this special holiday. They're modest yet have a little edge to them with the rips in the knees, and paired with the basic white long sleeve and oh so cute long-line faux shirling vest, you're not only guaranteed to stay warm but to be stylish as well on the day full of thanks and delicious food.

To spice up the look and tie all the sandy neutrals in together, the o-ring buckle belt and leopard print mules make for a balanced and fun yet sophisticated outfit.

Skinny jeans: $20.00

Long sleeve top: $10.00

Long-line faux shirling vest: $39.90

Belt: $4.90

Mules: $25.00

Outfit Total: $99.80

Outfit 2

Digging the plaid this season? This frayed tweed mini skirt from Forever 21 is destined to have you looking the most stylish on Thanksgiving Day. To pair with it, this white fuzzy feathered sweater offers a nice balance between the white, red, and black stitched in the skirt, and will also keep you warm if you're from a place that is experiencing winter-like weather around this time of year.

Instead of tights, to keep your legs (modestly) warm, these Shein over-the-knee boots are the perfect alternative and would be a great investment for everyday use as they are so in right now.

To accessorize, these Target cascading drop earrings will definitely add an element to make your outfit turn heads by toying into the colors of the holidays and creating an effortless head-to-toe look. To go with the earrings, I added a gold glitter leaf headband, because you know, why not?

Fuzzy feathered sweater: $22.90

Frayed tweet mini skirt: $22.90

Over-the-knee boots: $35.00

Earrings: $7.99

Headband: $9.99

Outfit Total: $98.48

Outfit 3

Into a more neutral look for Thanksgiving Day? This herringbone mini wrapped skirt from Forever 21 will capture that perfect look you are going for. The grey color is awesome for a subtle appearance and the wrapped aspect sets the skirt apart from others.

To continue with a neutral look, I paired a slim fit bell-sleeve top from Old Navy with the skirt. The slight bell-sleeves adds into the playfulness of the skirt, but the dark tone helps facade that neutral look you are going for. I also paired my new favorite pair of black faux-leather booties with the outfit, and a sheer black tight to polish off the look.

To accessorize, modest gold jewelry will do just enough to make this an all-around finished look from head-to-toe.

Bell-sleeve top: $22.99

Herringbone mini wrapped skirt: $35.00

Sheer tights: $5.29

Faux-leather booties: $25.00

Ring set: $6.90

Necklace: $3.90

Outfit Total: $99.08

Outfit 4

Go simple with this two item head-to-toe Forever 21 outfit. Sweater dresses and over-the-knee boots are rapidly trending this season and this outfit is a simple and easy way to put together a look for Thanksgiving Day. Not only is it a quick and easy style, but if you bloat from all that delicious food you'll be eating (because I know I will!), you won't have to worry due to the over-sized sweater appearance (which is always a plus)!

Sweater dress: $24.90

Over-the-knee boots: $35.00

Outfit Total: $59.90

Outfit 5

Last on my list of Thanksgiving Day outfits under $100 is this perfect fall essentials look! Everything in this outfit almost always comes back trending each fall season, so each piece is wearable for days aside from Thanksgiving as well!

We are back to basics with these plain black skinny jeans from Target, white long sleeve from AE, and camel cardigan from Shein. But to add a little extra color to this outfit, I paired this ever so cute Forever 21 plaid scarf with it! To finish off the look, the double buckle belt adds an extra element and black loafer mules tie all the colors in together from top to bottom.

Long sleeve top: $14.97

Skinny jeans: $15.00

Cardigan: $11.00

Scarf: $14.90

Belt: $9.90

Mules: $15.00

Outfit Total: $80.77

All of the outfits above include some more expensive items, as well as relatively cheaper items to give you all an idea of how to mix and match with price points, and to see the quality you can get with cheaper or more expensive pieces.

If you have any questions at all on any of these looks, or in need of some more style tips, email me through my contact page or shoot me a DM on Instagram!

Every Friday from now until Christmas I'll be posting a gift guide and also some random holiday posts (such as this) throughout the weeks on some Monday's and Wednesday's, gearing towards Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's! Check back this Friday for my upcoming gift guide that I am so excited to share, 20 holiday pj's under $35!

Until then, don't forget to subscribe to be updated on the latest, as well as to follow me on Instagram and @abbygraf!


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