2018: A Year in Review

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So you’re telling me it’s really 2019 tomorrow? This year flew by, and now that it’s officially New Year’s Eve, I wanted to take some time to share some of my favorite memories with you from 2018 and reflect on what this past year has taught, given, and shown me.

I did so much this year. This truly was one of the busiest years of my life, and the constant busyness taught me a lot (especially that I want next year to be 10x less busy lol). I went on nine different trips, to nine different concerts, launched my blog, met the most influential person in my life, had amazing times with family and friends, and more. I kicked off my vacations with a spring break trip to Fort Meyers, FL with my mom and sister back in March. This same month, I launched my blog on the 20th and went to the Lorde concert in Minneapolis.

April brought a trip to Lincoln, Nebraska to visit a friend in college. In May, I finished my junior year of college and went on one of the most amazing adventures in my life. And let me tell you, it was a trip that I’ll remember for a lifetime. Three of my friends from high school and I planned a 12 day road trip to and through California. We did so many things, and saw so much. California is by far one of my favorite places to travel to, and this trip was definitely one for the books.

We drove through the mountains for almost a day straight and made it to our first stop, South Lake Tahoe, CA, about 35 hours after leaving the Cities. Lake Tahoe was our first and shortest stop, but I definitely would love to go back sometime. There is just something about driving through those mountains and the forest and taking in literally all the nature there is. It left me in awe, and taught me to appreciate nature way more than I did before.

From there we traveled to San Francisco and drove down Lombardy, visited the Golden Gate Bridge and more. We then drove down Hwy 1 through the Big Sur, the Eldorado Forest, stayed in Los Angeles, saw Taylor Swift at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and then finished out our trip in San Diego. In San Diego we went snorkeling in La Jolla, hiked in Torrey Pines, went to Coronado Beach and to my faaaaavorite restaurant ever, Pitatti (1375938/10 would recommend. Go there if you’re ever in San Diego. Do it. You HAVE to). On our way home, we stopped to see the Grand Canyon. In total, we spent well over 100 hours in the car together and traveled thousands and thousands of miles. It was the road trip that kicked off my summer and it was one hell of a start.

Below is a list of some of my favorite places we went:

  • In-n-Out (always a must in California)

  • The Grotto in San Francisco (delicious seafood)

  • Golden Gate Bridge

  • Lombardy Street

  • The Painted Ladies

  • Moss Landing Farm Fresh Produce (a must visit if you're near the Big Sur)

  • Big Sur (the best drive from San Francisco to LA. unbelievably beautiful)

  • The Den in LA (great breakfast spot)

  • Beverly Hills

  • Crust Kitchen in San Diego (must-visit pizza joint)

  • Pacific Beach Shore Club (the best acai bowl. ever. and great views)

  • Hiking in Torrey Pines (amazing views)

  • Piatti (!!!!!!!!)

  • Snorkeling in La Jolla

  • Coronado Beach

  • Sunset Cliffs

  • Sunny Jim Cave

You can read my vacation posts from then and see my photos here, here, here, here and here.

Four days after getting back from my California road trip, me and my best friend drove to Chicago for the weekend to see Taylor Swift at Ford Field for two nights in a row. Once we got home, I moved in with my best friend and another friend from high school for the summer before returning to school in the fall. It was my first summer not living at home with my parents and living with friends. For my 20th birthday in June, I road tripped to Louisville, Kentucky with my sister to see Taylor Swift. We spent the day getting our nails done, eating bbq at Guy Fieri’s Smokehouse, and going to the concert. From Louisville we drove to Nashville to spend the Fourth of July there. It was my first Fourth of July away from home and it was honestly so fun. Nashville has the most amazing fireworks show (it literally lasted over a half hour), and Lady Antebellum put on a free concert downtown for the celebration. Nashville was by far one of my most favorite cities I’ve visited and I definitely want to go back, and would recommend it to anyone who’s never been there. We also went to the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, and bar hopped through some of the most famous Nashville bars. We stayed in the cutest AirBnB and went to so many fun restaurants.

Below is a list of some of my favorite places we went:

  • Milk & Honey

  • #WhatLiftsYou Wall (very IG worthy spot)

  • The Bluebird Cafe (great for small, lowkey shows)

  • The Mockingbird (such fresh food)

  • Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

  • Amelia's Flower Truck

  • Five Daughter's Bakery (food and an IG worthy spot, such good donuts!)

  • Taylor Swift Education Center

  • Biscuit Love

You can read my vacation posts from then and see my photos here.