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2019 Beach Vacation Wardrobe

2019 Beach Vacation Wardrobe

It's that time of year again. It's the middle of winter and everyone is either gearing up to head out somewhere tropical or prepping for their annual spring break trip of the year. 

For me, I'll be heading to two warm areas this spring, Florida and California. One of my favorite things to do a few weeks leading up to my vacations is plan my wardrobe for the duration of my stay. I usually order a few new pieces that'll suit the sandy beach vibes; not only because I want to, but because sometimes last years trends are no longer in season and some of the pieces I purchased don't really suit my style anymore. 

While shopping for this years looks, I wanted to round up a 2019 beach vacation wardrobe for you to shop from and gain style inspiration from. I included some of my favorites, some I consider must-haves, some styles I've recently purchased/already own and more!

Every item in each list is under $50! My key to vacation style is keeping it affordable because some styles only make it through this summer and I don't want to be dropping a ton of money on things I may only get the chance to wear a few times.

To shop any item, click on the photo and it'll direct to you to the site to shop! 


 There's something about a good  top for vacation. If you're anything like me, I love crop tops for not only vacation but summer as well. When I shop for tops for vacation, I look for both crop tops and regular tops that'll suit the location, but also work back home in Minnesota for the summer. I keep in mind the weather of where I'm traveling to, what style would be suitable for where I'm traveling to and more.

I also make sure to always pack a few sweaters to wherever I'm headed, regardless if I know it's going to be warm or not. Lightweight sweaters are a great option for a beach vacation because you can pair them easily with shorts or jeans and it still fits the occasion!

The shirts above are a few of my favorites, and work with a pair of high-waisted shorts or jeans!


 If you were to ask me my number one must-have for a beach vacation, it would be shorts! I love a good cute printed short for a tropical vacay, and they also work great for the summer too... so it's a win-win! High-waisted shorts in specific are a favorite of mine, and they're easy to style with crop top, tank top, or more!


 Anytime I'm headed on vacation, both a dress and a jumpsuit are a must for me to have with. They're so effortless and they make such comfortable vacation style. With dresses or jumpsuits, there's no need to go overboard because even when you pair them with just a pair of sandals they're still cute!


I included more swim accessories in here than not because I'll be posting a swimsuit roundup to the blog later this week! But a swimsuit cover on the other hand is a must have for me, which is why I've included a few here! 


 I'm shoe-obsessed no matter the occasion, but when it comes to vacation, I can't get enough! I loooveee a good sandal for vacation (because they also work in the summer), and I may or may not fall victim one too many times to bringing too many pairs of shoes with when I travel. I also included my favorite pair of sandals that I live in each and every summer from Amazon! 


And last but not least, vacation accessories. Whether it's sunglasses, headbands, bags, or more, accessories are an easy way to take your vacation style to the next level!

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