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2019 Fall Fashion Round-Up

Hi, hi, hi, hi, HIIIII!!!

It's been way too long since I've written a blog post and I'm finally ready to get back into the swing of things and indulge in all things my favorite season. If you check back later in October, I'll be posting a life-update to share with you what I've been up to the last few months away from the blog. Subscribe here now to be emailed when that post goes live.

Anyway, back to it....

If it could be fall year round, I honestly wouldn't mind. I'd say it's probably my favorite season ever, and it's the absolute best weather to really nail your personal style down to a T. To me, fall is always the start of new beginnings (my inner-clock must be off, because most would say their new beginnings are at the start of the new year...yeah, I know). I look forward to fall every single year because that's when my wardrobe is in its prime. I. Love. Styling. Fall. Outfits. Addicted to it. Need it to survive. If you could attribute any season to my personality, I'd say its fall (which is probably why I love the fashion so much this time of year).

There's such a great range of versatility when it comes to a fall wardrobe, the world of fashion is quite literally at the palm of your hands. Experimenting new styles and prints, breaking out the staples from years past because they're just so timeless that they work with whatever fashion trends we're currently obsessed with. Fall is fun, fall is moody, fall is fashions epitome of top-tier styles.

I could go on, but instead we'll jump right to it. I asked on my Instagram stories last week what type of fall fashion round-up you'd want to see on the blog this year and the answers were pretty much split: staple styles and essentials. So I've made this a little bit of both for you, and every piece I'm sharing is something that's on my fall wish-list or something I already own! Everything is under $100 and I've split it up by style for you to make it easy for you to read and shop.

Here are my 2019 fall fashion picks.

Sweaters and Cardigans

It wouldn't really be a first fall post of the year if I didn't start off with sweaters. Sweater weather, please rise. It's your time to shine.

They're the best, oh gosh, they are the best. This sweater round-up includes chunky knits, lightweight pieces, chenille, cropped, long-line styles and more.

Blouses and Tops

When I think of fall fashion, I think of three main different styles that are then styled further to include an individuals personal touch: the classic sweater look I've paid tributes to above, casual grunge that turns either very classy or very moody, and the casual but business-chic looks.

Blouses and tops are the perfect way to go for the grunge and business-chic looks so I've rounded up some options for you below. This section also includes all plaid tops and flannels.

Pants, Jeans and Skirts

Denim is a favorite way for me to go into fall when it comes to styling an outfit head-to-toe. But sometimes I opt for tie-waist pants or a skirt if I'm feeling like switching it up. This part of the round-up includes staple jeans, pants and skirts to style into your everyday life this season.

Boots and Mules

A huge reason I love fall fashion is because of the footwear. I could live in booties year-round if it didn't get so dang hot in the summers and nothing beats a pair of shoes that you're not only comfortable in, but feel powerful AF in. But when I'm feeling a little less risque or want to be more subtle, I'll jet for the mules. I've rounded up some of my favorites below (and yes, OTK boots are included).

Jackets and Coats

The staple of all fall staples, jackets and coats. Nothing completes a fall outfit better than a cute jacket or coat. Every single season, I wear the same ones I've had for years because they're so versatile and timeless. I've picked some of my faves this year and am now sharing them below!


Last but not least, accessories. To make any fall-inspired outfit, well...more fall. Jewelry, scarves, purses...I've got em all for ya.

I hope you all liked my picks! I've also listed some tips for you to follow at home to upkeep your items and maintain their highest quality.

- Wash denim only when needed (if they're super baggy, have a stain). Try to get at least four wears out of them before you wash them because it weakens the quality once you do

- Hand-wash your sweaters. It's tedious...I know. But this prevents pilling and snagging from other items in the wash

- Get suede protector to put on your shoes in case it rains or even worse...snows

- Hang scarves up so they rid of any folding lines

- Stuff OTK boots with old plastic bags or tissue paper when you're not using them so they maintain their form

- Always wash your pants, sweaters, tops and skirts on cold delicate to protect their shape and quality

If you need any more tips, feel free to reach out through my contact tab above or DM me on Instagram!



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