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2019 Swimwear: 25 Swimsuits Under $40

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I know a swimwear post in the middle of winter might have you asking yourself why, or isn't this too early, but it's officially vacation season and people are headed just about anywhere warm that they can!

Spring break is only weeks away, February is a huge month for tropical travel, and summer (in retrospect), is only about three months away.

Every year, I love shopping for a new swimsuit. Just last year, I got into wearing one-pieces and I couldn't get enough; and this year I'm so into the one-shoulder one-piece swimmies. There are tons of new styles this year that are fast trending and sooooo in-- one-shoulder, rainbow stripes, front-tie and more.

But one thing I always do find myself running into each year when shopping for swimwear is that I just can't decide on what I want. There's such a variety that narrowing it down to a select style that suits me is a little hard. Because of this, with this swimsuit roundup, I wanted to include the best variety of swimwear I could hunt down for you all. And let me tell you-- there is a huge mix! Love florals? Got you covered! Love stripes? Don't hesitate, girl, I've got it! Solid color? Got you, too. Didn't want to leave any of you babes out when rounding up one-pieces, two-pieces, prints, styles and more for you.

Below you can shop 25 swimsuits under $40. To shop the item, click on the photo and it'll direct you to the link!

Hope you guys liked this swimsuit roundup! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!



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