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Ask Abby: Where is Your Favorite Place to Buy Affordable Outfits?

ask abby, where is your favorite place to buy affordable outfits

Happy Saturday!! I’m writing this blog post from my plane as I’m headed back home to Minneapolis from Spring Break so I've got some time to answer one of the questions I've gotten sent in from a reader!

For this weeks Ask Abby post, Brooke from Brooke’s Budget Beauty (follow her IG here!) sent in a question regarding my favorite places to shop.

The question was: where is your favorite places to buy affordable outfits? And I’m so glad you sent this in, Brooke, because I have a few ultimate faves!

Diving right into it because you know, why not, one of my all time favorite places to buy affordable outfits is Forever 21! It can sometimes be hard to hunt down item specifics or find a style that you are looking for (only because they have literally so much) but I get a lot of my clothes from here....more like the majority of my clothes from here but you get the point!

This is probably my go-to store to shop at for any occasion, as there's a variety of styles that suit everyone's needs.

Typical items that I purchase regularly from Forever 21 are:




-co-ord sets


-high heels


I’ve found some extremely affordable items here, and I always look to see when they have sales to find some really awesome deals.  I’ve had the most and best luck with buying high heels/booties from here. I haven't run into one pair that wasn't comfortable and din;t last me over like two years. They're super amazing quality and so comfortable! 

Another place I buy affordable outfits is Shein. I’ve been non-stop talk about Shein since placing my first order back in October. This can be a hit or miss, but with the right techniques you can find some really great styles at awesome affordable prices! I’ll be uploading a Shein Shopping Guide in the coming weeks that’ll walk you through my strategies of shopping there.

Typical items that I purchase regularly from Shein are:





A third store that I shop at to buy affordable outfits is Old Navy (p.s. they have 40% off right now for St. Patty's Day!). I actually used to work there while I was in high school so I know all the tips and tricks on finding the best deals there. Most of my denim comes from Old Navy (or Gap but they’re more expensive) and they’re almost always running sales which comes in handy when finding affordable outfits.

Typical items I purchase regularly from Old Navy are:




-heeled booties (the comfiest booties you’ll ever wear)



One last favorite store of mine to buy affordable outfits at is …..drum-roll please…. Target! Couldn’t have seen that one coming, huh? Target always has the cutest items and I think that’s because of all of the different brands they carry---there is always a variety. I like Target for the fact that it’s convenient to shop at and Cartwheel allows you to save more on items + if you have a RedCard you can save an extra 5% on your purchase.

Typical items I purchase regularly from Target are:


-sandals (always shop for sandals in the off-season. You’ll find the best clearance styles)



This post was a little on the shorter end but these stores are four of my favorite places to shop to find affordable outfits.  You can check out my Tips for Online Shopping here, as well as send in any questions you want me to answer in a blog post to Ask Abby here!

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