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College Graduation Dresses Under $75

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Happy Monday!

College graduation is just around the corner for some (including me!) and the race to find that perfect graduation look is on.

My graduation date is May 11th and I've had my dress for a while now. I'm rounding up my final week of college this week, but I know many Universities all over have upcoming graduations this weekend, the following weekend, and the third weekend of May.

Whether you're in the midst of your last few weeks of college, knee-deep in finals, or just don't have a lot of time to really look for a graduation dress, I've got you covered!

The thing about college graduation dresses (or really any graduation dress) is that you have the ability to really express your style through it. The most common graduation dresses typically are a white dress, a floral print dress, or a lace dress, and almost always of neutral colors. And with elegance, they really capture the formality of the event and I can say with a full heart there's absolutely nothing better than getting dressed up in a pretty, elegant dress.

Because the dress will be worn under your gown, length is oh-so important when it comes to finding the perfect graduation dress because you don't want it to fall below the hem of the gown.

To make your dress hunt easy, I've rounded up tons of styles under $75 that I just absolutely adore. Each style is either mini or midi, and there is a wide variety of cuts, hems, sleeves/short sleeves/no sleeves, and more.

I've split the dresses up by category so you can shop by your personal preference: white graduation dresses, floral graduation dresses, lace graduation dresses, and solid colored graduation dresses.

Happy shopping, and congratulations to those of you graduating this spring-we did it!

White Graduation Dresses

Floral Graduation Dresses

Lace Graduation Dresses

Solid-Colored Graduation Dresses

Let me know in the comments below which dress was your favorite! And if you have a graduation coming up soon and decide to purchase one of these dresses, send me a picture of you in it on your special day!

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