An Affordable At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit You'll Love

Ahhhh, teeth whitening. The man, the myth, the legend of keeping those pearly whites well....white. We all know of it, some of us love it, some of us hate it, but the questions that constantly linger regarding teeth whitening are is it actually worth it? and does it really work? And to answer you right away, yes, it does work! And I know the perfect system for you to whiten your teeth not only comfortably, but affordably as well.

Smile Brilliant x The Bleached Curl

My Past Experience Whitening

I've been whitening my teeth now since I was about 14, give or take a year. For six years now, I have used whitening strips off and on, whitening tooth paste daily, whitening mouthwash, and the list goes on. I've tried many different brands, each and every one available at drug stores or places such as Target and Walmart; but one problem I've always run into with each different method is that my teeth and gums are just too dang sensitive to withstand the whitening product in the methods I've tried before, so I had to shift gears and try something new. And I'm so glad I did!

My most-used whitening method has always been either the strips or the whitening toothpaste. With the whitening strips, I've always suffered from terrible sensitivity pain that shoots through my gums (it sounds just as awful as it feels), but I still always stuck to it because I wanted to keep my pearly whites! Whitening strips are actually prone to do this, as they don't offer any desensitizing solution and often shift out of place. Keeping this in mind, I knew I was in need of trying out a new method. I was desperate to maintain the whiteness in my teeth, but I couldn't handle the strips any longer, and so I turned to Smile Brilliant.

Smile Brilliant x The Bleached Curl, whitening trays

Smile Brilliant x The Bleached Curl, whitening trays

Whitening with Smile Brilliant

Smile Brilliant offers at-home teeth whitening kits that help whiten your teeth both comfortably and affordably, and I've been using it for a few weeks now and do have to say that it has proven to out-perform the strips I've been using for the last six years (can I get an Amen?!)!

With custom-fitted trays, this at-home whitening system has allowed for each and every one of my teeth to be whitened (even the stubborn ones in the way back {which are so unbelievably hard to whiten with the strips}), and is engineered to be a fit for everyone and anyone!

Due to my sensitivity in the past, I have been using the T3 Sensitive System that helps not only with sensitivity, but also to fight against light stains. This is especially helpful for me because I am a huge pop drinker and with all of the sugar/colored pop I consume daily, the whitening solution actively fights against the stains and helps remove them.

How I've Been Using Smile Brilliant

With my college graduation just around the corner, Smile Brilliant has been a life-saver in enhancing my smile.

I've been whitening my teeth every other day now for the last two weeks and results have really been evident! I whiten for 45 minutes-2 hours at a time (it depends on what I'm doing while I'm whitening) and it's really easy to multi-task while the trays sit in your mouth and help get those teeth white.

I typically work on blog content as I'm whitening (I'm currently whitening as I write this!), do my makeup, or do laundry. The trays make it easy to partake in getting stuff done while whitening because they stay in place extremely well, as opposed to a whitening strip (with strips I always felt like I couldn't move my face or mouth a lot because they would always shift on my teeth).

At first, I was little nervous about using a tray to whiten my teeth, as I never had used one before. But Smile Brilliant made it really easy and straight-forward which was extremely helpful.

Once your order is placed, they will send out the at-home whitening kit to you. The kit comes with catalyst and base pastes to make your impressions, as well as 9 syringes of whitening solution and 9 syringes of dese