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Summer Edit: High-Waisted Shorts Under $30

High-waisted shorts, abby graf, the bleached curl

Happy, happy Friday!

I am so excited to share this fashion round-up with y'all this week because I am about to be talking everything high-waisted shorts!

No joke, I live in high-waisted shorts in the summer. My high-waisted fashion inspo sparked during Taylor Swift's RED Era back in 2012 when she consistently wore the signature black shorts and white blouse for her album shoot, on tour, and throughout the era to maintain her brand at the time being (see the look here). You'll rarely see me in any other type of bottoms during the summer and I love the style because they're always so flattering and comfortable.

High-waists truly flatter every body type and they're so easy to style into a quick spring/summer look. During the cooler spring/summer days, I'll pair them with a tee and a cardigan; on the blazing hot days, I typically opt for a crop top...aka my signature summer look (when is it time to stop wearing crop tops and high-waisted shorts? Probably within the next few years, but in my mind never. I ALWAYS ask myself this, you know, cause I'm an adult and all now...but it's like I really can't shy away from it...and I really don't ever want to lol).

I love shopping for new high-waisted shorts every year because there's always so many cute styles and I especially adore that you can bring past summer styles into the new season. I've had some of my summer shorts for over 4-5 years now-- and they're still in style! (The key to up-keeping the quality of shorts for this long is to only wash them when 1. You sweat a lot in them, 2. You spill on them, or 3. After 4-5 wears. I also only ever hand-wash my shorts so they maintain their best quality as well).

You can never go wrong with the perfect pair of high-waisted shorts and so I've rounded up tons of styles for you babes to shop. The best part? They're all under $30!

Happy Shopping!



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