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A Maxi Dress Every Lady Needs this Summer

Floral Maxi Dress, Abby Graf

When I say maxi, you say dress. Maxi....okay, nevermind. This dress is so good, I had to write an entire blog post about it.

Before we get into the nitty-gritties of this absolutely stunning, jaw-dropping, gorgeous, flamboyant dress (there's so may words to describe it, I can't even), let's talk maxi's in general.

I don't typically do maxi dresses in all honesty. Because I'm a little shorty (5'3), they sometimes engulf me and completely take over in a way that is not flattering at all. But sometimes--when I find the right one that is--I feel on top of the world when I'm wearing them. Is that a thing for you ladies, too? There's just something about a flattering maxi dress that cascades in the wind and makes you feel as though you're the most powerful B on the land.

Maxi's are hot off the press this year and so in. I really love how effortless they are as well as their versatility. Need a casual look? A maxi dress has ya covered! Going to a wedding? Well, there's a maxi dress for that! As Oprah would say, you get a maxi dress, you get a maxi dress, and YOU definitely get a maxi dress! There's one for all and all for one. And this blog post is dedicated to the all for one.

Abby Graf Floral Maxi Dress

God, can we just take a moment to appreciate its beauty? I truly owe this entire look all to my sister (it's her dress and I needed it for an interview project), and it's one of the most gorgeous floral dresses I've laid eyes on in a hot minute!

I don't know what my favorite part is. The V-neck line? The subtle florals? The bright red color? The tie-wrap waistline? I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. All I do know is that it's all definitely a win in my book and I wish every dress was this beautiful and flattering.

To spunk up the look, I added a simple singular pearl necklace, and some of the most fun earrings I could find. The blue rings in the earrings play into the blue of the florals, and the pearl base of the earring not only ties in the pearl necklace, but also plays into the off-white tons in the flowers on the dress. For the shoes, I went with tan grommet block heeled sandals. The small heel helped with adding a little height to my shortness, and really aided in elongating the entire look (and also helped with making sure the fabric didn't hit the ground every time I walked).

This is the perfect look for many occasions: date night, a wedding, brunch with friends, a bridal shower, the list literally is endless and so this is me telling you that you need to buy this now.

I honestly don't know if I'll ever stop talking about this dress. It's by far my favorite outfit I've styled this entire year, so I guess sisters for the win for letting you borrow their clothes!

Before I go....let me tell you about the greatest detail of all. This is a T A R G E T DRESS! Yep, you heard it. A Target Style dress.'s only $30! Sisters and Target for the win! You can shop all the outfit details below.



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