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5 Summer Fashion Favorites

Happy, happy Saturday my loves!

The summer season is definitely my favorite when it comes to styles and trends and every year something old gets revamped, something new filters in, and some styles are tucked away for years to come until they’re deemed officially back in style.

While this year a lot of trends carried over from previous seasons, some are taking charge and have snagged their position as the top trends for summer of 2019. And now that it’s June, it’s blazing hot and summer is here, I wanted to carry on the tradition of last years summer favorites blog post (you'll notice a few of my favorites from last year carried into this year!) and share my summer fashion favorites this year.

So out with the old, in with the new, here are five of my summer fashion favorites just for you!

Statement Earrings

Would it really be a summer fit without the floss of a statement earring? Like a pledge to the “go big or go home” saying, I personally have been obsessing over the fun dazzling pieces because of their ultra-hip versatility. I have been non-stop wearing them this year and it's extremely fun for me to be able to style these babies into different looks (See: here, here, and here).

Statement earrings, the bleached curl

It’s honestly quite simple to style an outfit around the perfect pair of statement earrings. Have a classic look you want a little oomph with? Statement earrings have got you covered! Looking to go with an edgy-funk look? There’s a pair for you! Need to play into your bright and bold style? There’s a pair for you, too. There are countless unique designs for everyone to make their statement.

Shop some of my favorite styles below.

Two-Piece Sets

Is it really a Bleached Curl blog post if it didn't include two-piece sets? It’s no surprise that these charming sets have deemed a spot in the list of my faves, and they are back and better than ever this season! My favorite style of a two-piece set is most definitely the crop top and shorts set, but you can never go wrong with a matching top and skirt, top and pants, or even the downright matching summer blazer and shorts. There are endless ways to go with a two-piece set and they truly cascade the definition of fabulous (See: Here and here).

An oath to the 70s, these matching pieces began rapidly trending again back around 2013/2014 and ever since then they’ve been one of the hottest topics of the summer. My love for these sets began in 2014 when Taylor Swift entered her 1989 Era and wore them religiously...because why wouldn’t I gravitate towards them? (See: here and here)

Shop some of my favorite styles below.

Maxi Dresses

The effortless appearance of a maxi dress is what makes it come back in style year in and year out. A wardrobe staple at its finest, I love the ease of a flowing maxi dress. With many different designs, prints, hems and more, they’re by far one of the most flattering dresses on any body type. Not to mention, when you find the right one, it makes you feel on top of the world, which is why they’ve made it on my list of summer favorites this year.

maxi dress

This year, floral maxis are the mother of all maxis. With their convenient appeal, it’s easy to be subtle, be bright, be classic, or be fun. All with the wear of a maxi dress.

Shop some of my favorite styles below.

High-Waisted Paper Bag Shorts

A node to the classic and the chic, high-waisted paper bag shorts are this summer’s epitome of top trend, and one of my summer wardrobe staples year in and year out. Their versatility is keenly unmatched to any other, and they’re such a fun and practical way to style a summer outfit (See: here, here, and here).

paper bag shorts, the bleached curl

I especially love the solid-colored paper bag shorts because it’s easy to get away with pairing a cool printed top with them! You can also go vice-versa, with the business on the top (a solid colored tank or tee) and the party on the bottom (striped paper bag shorts are extremely trendy this year).

Shop some of my favorite styles below.

Espadrille Sandals

A perfect shoe at its finest, espadrille sandals are hot and modish this year! These were on my list last year too, and I’m really happy they’re still in style. There are a few ways to go with these beauties—flat or platformed. My personal favorite are the platform espadrille sandals, and I love the beachy ambiance they give off.

Espadrilles are definitely my go-to sandal and they pair so naturally with a flowy jumpsuit or dress. They also come in a variety of styles—strappy, lace-up, slide, slip-on, straw—the choices are nearly endless.

Shop some of my favorite styles below.

This summer is about the bold and unique. I am loving on each and every one of these trends, and they’re all easy, ready-to-wear pieces that can spice up a look in many different ways.

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