Four Ways to Wear Pink in the Spring

Four ways to style pink in the winter

I've been thinking a lot about spring lately and ways to incorporate one of my favorite colors into my wardrobe and style it in different ways. And so, when you imagine a spring color palette, do tones such as baby blues, golden yellows, or cherry blossom pinks come to mind?

Colors like those remind me of wet spring days when the sun is shining and there's a slight cool breeze, and it's finally above 50 degrees and winter is finally closing its doors until November.

My favorite spring tone is most definitely pink; light pink, dark pink, magenta, coral, rose, the list goes on, I love it all. I think the color adds a touch of personality to any look and can really help when speaking true to who you are through your own curated style. Though I don't own a ton of pink colored items, I still own enough for the charming feminine shade to work its way into many of my favorite outfits in different and unique ways each and every time.

Below are four different ways I've been inspired by recent trends and fashion icons to work pink into some of my favorite looks.

Look One

pink sweater with boyfriend jeans and wrap up sandals

Okay, if you know me well, you know that I wear this jacket a lot in the spring, but I just can't help it. Aside from the over-usage of my favorite lightweight spring coat, the center piece of this outfit is the loose fitted pink knit sweater.

To give the outfit more of a relaxed feel, I paired it with one of my favorite pairs of boyfriend jeans. To shy away from my go-to spring/summer sandals and to tie in the pink tones from top to bottom, I added in these black floral embroidered wrap-up sandals.

And because I'm a part of the four eyes club, my eyes sometimes need a breather from those contacts, so the glasses are added as an optional piece.

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Prescription Glasses: Zenni Optical

Look Two

Calvin Klein vest with mauve joggers and a sweatshirt

In my most casual attempts, the statement pink piece of this outfit is the joggers. To add onto the casualness, I paired a black zip-up funnel neck sweatshirt and feather-down grey vest with the joggers.

And because total casualness isn't really my forte, I added a little flare with the black knotted slip-on sneaker.

If you're not into wearing darker tones, such as black, in the spring, you could always swap out this look with a white sweatshirt or long sleeve.

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