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5 Affordable Ways to Spend Galentine's Day this Year

Galentine's Day, The Bleached Curl, Valentine's Day

Ahhhh, Galentine's Day. The day of the ladies, the day for the ladies, the day for friends and singles. Forget the boys, the love, the romance, it's about us ladies!

Real talk: are you a Galentine or Valentine type of gal? Orrrrr, are you both? No shame in either, I love everything V-Day but there's something about Galentine's Day that just cannot be topped. After all, the day is for the ladies so there are tons of ways to treat yourself and your girlfriends this year on Galentine's Day!

Why celebrate Valentine's Day when you can celebrate Galentine's Day the day before?! It's as if V-Day has already gone and passed once the actual day hits so you can spend it as if it's just another day lol.

Below I've brainstormed some ways you and your gal pals can spend Galentine's Day this year on a budget.

Read on 5 ways to spend the day this year, where to find the deals, heart-shaped pizza (oh, yeah! couldn't forget it), and more now!

Pamper Yourself to a Mani/Pedi

There's nothing better than a fresh mani/pedi, and if you're looking to treat yourself this Galentine's Day, this is the perfect way to! Mani/pedi's are an easy way to relax as well as something that's easily done in groups so you and a few of your girlfriends can head out and pamper yourself together!

If you're looking to not break the bank this Galentine's Day but still treat yourself to a mani/pedi, I would recommend checking Groupon! They always have tons of deals from different Nail Salons, as well as different types of mani/pedi's (deluxe, gel, etc.)! I've gotten by with a really decent mani/pedi from a Groupon that cost me less than $40 once, so it's definitely worth a shot if you're looking to save some this holiday!

Pamper Yourself to a Massage

Alright, if I'm being honest, I've never gotten a massage before but have always wanted to! I've only ever heard good things about them from friends and family who have gone before and typically, if you're in a local metro area, there's tons of places for you to head to this Galentine's Day to get a massage!

Just like the mani/pedi's, Groupon always has a tremendous amount of massage coupons and deals. I've seen massage Groupon's for as low as $50! For this Valentine's Day, get 25% off a massage Groupon with code 'SAVE.'

Shop 'till Ya Drop!

Excuse me, but do I hear Valentine's Day sales?!

You may be deceived by the fact that this may not be so affordable this Galentine's Day, but don't be! One of my favorite things about this day is that it's quite literally the perfect day to shop 'till you drop because all of the Valentine's Day sales (and Prez Day sales but that's a whole different story lol) are running at different retailers and places like the Mall of America (if you're a Cities girl like me) have the best retailers to shop at and such a huge variety that the sales are e n d l e s s. This way, you can get some of your spring shopping out of the way and remain on a budget while doing so due to all of the sales!

Here are some sales for you to shop this Galentine's Day (in-store and online): Forever 21: Pick a free V-Day gift on orders $65+ with code 'VDAYGIFT'

Gap: 20% off your order with code 'STAYWARM'

Target: Save $10 when you spend $40

Shein: Receive $5-$30 off your order of $59-$189+

American Eagle: 25% off all jeans and joggers

Cook Dinner at Home with/for Friends

Look, I don't know if you're the chef, the sous-chef, or the motivational watcher and wine drinker, but this is another great and fun way to spend Galentine's Day! I love to cook, so in this case I'd be considered the chef but there's no shame in your game if you're anything else!

Cooking with (or for) friends is so fun because it doesn't feel like cooking (or watching someone cook), because it's just like hanging out and you get a good meal out of it! With a group of friends this Galentine's Day (I really want to call it G-Day, but I'm refraining. It just sounds weird? I'll try to make this the only G-Day reference lol), it's really easy and affordable to cook a meal and enjoy some wine for the night. So not only are you treating yourself, but friends as well---and remaining on a budget while doing so!

Heart Shaped Pizza with a Movie Night

Not wanting to cook or dare go out in fear of the pre-Valentine's Day busyness? Ordering in and having a gal pal movie night is a great and lowkey way to spend Galentine's Day!

Honestly, not going to lie here.... I've always wanted to order a giant sized heart-shaped pizza and dish on Galentine's Day with friends! But my struggle is always finding the heart shaped pizza....and well the schedules coinciding with my friends, too. So I've made it easy for you this year (if you were in the same boat as me any other year).

Here are places that you can get a heart-shaped pizza now through V-Day:

Papa John's (crying, wish I knew this last year!): $11-$16

California Pizza Kitchen (depending on your location cause this isn't everywhere): $35 for two pizzas, desert, and an appetizer

Papa Murphy's: $9 (omg guys, they also have a heart-shaped cookie for desert)

Pizza Hut: $12-$17

*not heart-shaped but still note worthy cause it's a good deal!* Domino's: Carry-out a L for $5.99

I'm thinking maybe you'll find me with one of these pizzas both Galentine's Day and Valentine's Day!

Happy Galentine's Day to all of the ladies out there-- May the day bring you pride, happiness, and lots and lots of wine ;)

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