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8 Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Under $75

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With Halloween only a week away, if you're anything like me, you still don't have a costume planned. I've never really been one to be into extravagant Halloween costume ideas, as the Holiday isn't really one of my faves. I do like seeing others in costumes though, and one of my favorite trends each year are the DIY Halloween costumes.

Those who are last-minuters, those who don't have the funds to drop on an actual costume, or those who are just too crafty usually partake in DIY's for this holiday and it's always so awesome seeing the creativity people have when coming up with costume ideas.

Since I am most likely going to be a DIY person yet again this year, I've been brainstorming quick and easy costume ideas for myself and anyone else to spark some inspiration and get you closet digging.

Below are 8 quick and easy DIY Halloween costumes under $75. Every costume I've linked includes products that are also wearable for the everyday occasion, and not just Halloween itself. I tried to pick most items that some of you may already own as they are staples in many peoples' wardrobes (i.e. a basic long sleeve, a jean jacket, a cropped tank, etc.), which will hopefully spark some inspo like I said above in creating a costume around your already-owned pieces. But if you don't own these items, don't fear! I've linked every single piece for you below. You can shop each item instantly by clicking the + sign on item.

Happy DIYing!

Taylor Swift

What you'll need:

-Not a lot going on at the moment t-shirt

-Plain black shorts

-Red heart-shaped sunglasses

-Black felt fedora

I just had to start with this one was inevitable. But in the mood to feel 22 on Halloween? This quick and easy TS look is just shy of $50 and full of some items you may already own. My favorite part about this costume is that these glasses are literally only $2 on eBay, and this shirt is only $22 on Etsy (pun intended?).

This 22 Music Video inspired Taylor look will leave you feeling fun and 22 on Halloween.

Rachel Green

What you'll need:

-Red plaid skirt

-Cropped white long sleeve or sweater

-Knee-high white jersey socks

-Black slip-ons

I'm not much of a 'Friends' person, but this one was requested and so I tried my best to give you a Rachel Green look. This costume falls on the higher end of our $75 cap, but an easy look to re-create with items that you may already have in your closet! Not only that, but each piece in this look is also wearable for everyday occasions, and not just the spooky Holiday, which means you'd get multiple uses out of each item!

Gumball Machine

What you'll need:

-Red skirt

-Plain white cropped tank

-Red shoes

-Pom-pom balls

-Fabric/hot glue

This is a quick and easy DIY Halloween costume if you're looking for something fun! This entire look is under $50 and all you need on top of these products would be either fabric glue or a hot glue gun to stick the pom-pom balls onto the white tank! You can then easily make a fake nozzle and dispenser by using a sharpie and a piece of cardboard.

This is a creative way to do Halloween if you have a little extra time on your hands for the gluing.

Cheetah Girl

What you'll need:

-Jean jacket

-Flare jeans

-Cheetah print top

This DIY costume is just under $75 and perfect if you want to play into falls trends and spice up a costume a bit. Leopard/Cheetah print is so in right now, so you could get more wear out of the items in this look because they are wearable for regular everyday outfits, but also the costume.

This is a great costume choice if you already own flare jeans or a denim jacket. If you aren't into blue flare jeans, you can also go with black as well. Put your hair up in a half-pony (or two), and you've got a quick and easy cheetah girl costume.


What you'll need:

-Bell-sleeve top

-Flare floral pants

-70's glasses

-Flower crown

The DIY hippie costume is a favorite of mine every year, as it's really easy to use summer clothes for much of this look. But if you're summer style isn't anything like this, fear not, as I've linked each product for this costume above.

Bell-sleeves and flared bottoms are crucial for a hippie costume, as they play into that 70's vibes. A flower crown is always a plus because it'll make you feel like a hippie princess and they're pretty, so why not indulge?! This entire look is just under $75 and a quick and easy way to celebrate Halloween in style.

Disco Girl

What you'll need:

-Black flare pants

-Disco top

-Go-go boots

For a simple disco girl look, pair some black flare pants with a sparkly silver top and go-go boots. This entire look is just under $75 and you can shop it all by hovering over the + signs on the photos.


What you'll need:

-Black long sleeve top

-Black leggings

-Cat accessories set

One of the cheapest costume ideas on this list, you can get all of these items for just under $30. A DIY cat costume is a quick and easy way to celebrate the Holiday if you're looking for something that's easy to put together on the go.

This is also a great option for if you already have black leggings and a black long sleeve, as you'd only need the cat accessories!

Flower Child

What you'll need:

-Long sleeve white dress

-Tan fringe vest

-Peace sign necklace

-Flower crown

We can call this a second version of a hippie. Do Halloween in style with this DIY Flower Child costume! This entire look is just short of $45 and is a perfect way to be creative with your look.

Though the flower crown may not be wearable outside of the Holiday (unless you're headed to Coachella or Lollapalooza), every other piece in this look can be worn for multiple other occasions!

Like the ideas but want a different costume? Email me or DM me on Instagram and I'll send you some links to do the DIY costume another way.

As always, don't forget to subscribe and follow me on Instagram and at abbygraf!

And like I said earlier, happy DIYing!


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