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Amazon Prime Day Round-Up

Amazon Prime Day Deals

It's Black Friday in July, it's Christmas in July...the ultimate deal day is here!

Amazon Prime Day is finally here and there are tons of deals for you to shop exclusively this year!

Typically Prime Day is only 24 hours long, but this year they extended the sales and Prime Day is now two days, July 15 and 16. The perfect amount of time for you to shop till you drop AND get free one-day shipping ;) Cause who doesn’t like the free fast ship, amiright?!

This is my first year participating in Prime Day and sharing my Prime Picks and I’m really excited to show you all what I’ve found.

I had you vote on my Instagram stories of what you are shopping for this year and it was a great help when it came to keeping an eye out for specific items for you all.

What I’m especially excited about are the Prime Day Launches this year (they’re so good!) that were created exclusively for Prime Members.

Another thing to keep in mind before you order-- Amazon now offers to Prime Members the opportunity to "Try before you buy" which is absolutely awesome! You can choose up to eight items, get them sent to you, try them on, and whatever you want to keep you'll pay for, whatever you don't want to keep, you can send back! All returns through this program are free.

There’s something for everyone in this post and many of the items also have coupons that you can add on top of the price.

If you're shopping Prime Now (grocery and household items purchased are through Prime Now), you can get FREE Two-hour delivery + $15 off orders of $35+ with your first order through Prime Now. This is an awesome deal if you need to get some grocery shopping done this week.

If you spend $10 at Whole Foods today or tomorrow, you'll get $10 for Amazon Prime (for Prime Members only).

With that being said, let’s jump right to it and you can shop all of my Prime Day picks by category below. To shop, simply click on any item or any bolded word and it'll direct you right to the products! (Something to keep in mind--some prices are changing + rewardStyle doesn't link the actual sale price sometimes. Meaning if you see the price of an item, it could potentially be lower when you actually CLICK into it! *NOTE* There are about 10-20 items that RS didn't link the right price to. So just click on an item if you like it and it'll direct you to Amazon.)

Happy Shopping!

Prime Day Fashion Deals

Check out my note above about "Try Before You Buy." This section includes clothing, shoes, jewelry, and swim.

Prime Day Beauty Deals

Facemasks, makeup and more.

Prime Day Accessory Deals

This includes handbags, jewelry bags and more.

Prime Day Household Item Deals

Check out my note above about Prime Now. This section includes household essentials, kitchen items, wine accessories and more.

Prime Day Electronic Deals

Prime Day College Deals

I hope you liked all my Prime Day picks! Enjoy shopping the next few days, and don't forget to subscribe below!



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