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Ask Abby: When is the Best Time to Break Out My Sandals this Season?

ask abby: when can i break out sandals

Happy Monday!

I’m really excited to answer this question in this weeks Ask Abby post. Don’t forget to continue to send in your questions here for me to answer in a blog post!

This question was sent in anonymously so hello to whoever asked, but thank you for sending this in because I know this is a question that lingers in everyone’s mind each year.

How and when do you transition into wearing sandals? was a question sent in by a reader and it’s honestly a really good question seeing now there is like a foot of snow on the ground in Minnesota.

It’s April 15th today, meaning we are halfway through the month. And to be completely honest with you—I started wearing sandals a few weeks ago. I retired them for a good five days when they snow hit, but I broke those bad boys out again today because it's a little over 40 degrees and I find that okay (even though there is still snow on the ground, lol).

Butttt, to answer your question: the best time to break out sandals is 1. When you feel most comfortable doing so (cause that’s the most important!), and 2. When the weather hits above 40 degrees (in my opinion).

There really isn’t a right or wrong time to break out the glorious sock-free shoes (because honestly, who really likes wearing socks anyway? Let’s be real here...), but I am almost 100% sure you (as do the rest of us) don’t want to be the first one to break them out after the long dreadful winter. Because really, if someone else isn’t doing it yet, you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself. Am I right? I’m right, I know it.

We are all submissive to the fear of being the seasonal risk-taker, and that’s totally okay. But one of us needs to take one for the team eventually, so why not it be you?! Break those sandals out girl! There isn’t anything stopping you (well I mean technically the weather can, but you get it).

My rule of thumb is to be wearing sandals by the end of March, because typically, I feel like that is an okay time to break them out. It’s generally decently warm outside by then, and so if I can get by wearing pants and a long sleeve with sandals, I’m going to do it. And now that we are halfway through April, it's more than okay to break those babies out.

I hope this helps!

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