How To Find the Cutest Styles at the Best and Most Affordable Prices

6 tips to find the most affordable styles when shopping online

Have you ever struggled with finding affordable items that you like, are of good quality, and are actually in stock? We've all been there, and sometimes online shopping can be a real pain. If you're anything like me, you like to save some money when it comes to shopping but want to find stylish items that suit you and your fashion sense.

They always say online shopping is the easiest way to go, but what happens when the styles you like are sold out, too expensive, or not what you expected?! The struggle of online shopping real, I know! Buttttt, I also know that there's some fun when it comes to online shopping because everything is at the tip of you're fingers--literally everything! It's just a matter of finding it.

This blog post will walk you through my process of online shopping and how I find the cutest styles at the best and most affordable prices. Some of my favorite style deals I've found that you guys have loved can be seen here, here, here, and here.

So let's get right to it and let me teach you how to find the best and most affordable deals when it comes to shopping online!

Each season, I usually tend to buy items from multiple retailers roughly around the same time to stock my wardrobe with new items for the upcoming season. This is what I call my "seasonal haul." Retailers I typically purchase from and have recently are Shein, Forever 21, Gap, Old Navy, and Target. These stores are my absolute go-to's for finding cute styles at affordable prices!

Didn't catch that?

My GO-TO stores for finding cute styles at the most affordable prices:


Forever 21



Old Navy

Now I'm not saying I don't purchase throughout the rest of the season, because I typically do, but in this case the haul idea works better.

When I'm shopping online at a retailer, I usually tend to go through the "Newest Arrivals" first, which will now lead us into my first piece of advice I have for you.

Tip #1: Shop "Low-to-High" and set a mental price budget per piece

Oh-so-typical I know, but I shop prices "low-to-high," so that way I can set a mental budget for myself for when I'm scrolling through the items and I see the price point go above $X amount, I move onto another page.

Shopping this way allows you to see everything that is within your price point within every category. This brings us to Tip #2.

Tip #2: Take advantage of the categories and the search bar! They are your best friend.

Like I said, I usually start with the "Newest Arrivals" tab, but my search is far from over when that's all wry and dry. I hit the categories and search tab like no other. I'm like a mad-man married to them, for like a week straight (we'll get into this) whenever I have the time to hunt down items.

By browsing different categories, you can get pretty narrow when it comes to your selections. Most online retailers have the option for you to filter what's shown to you by style, color, hem, print, pattern, and the list goes on! Take advantage of this. This is where I've found some of my cutest styles. I take my time to sort by color, by pattern, I search for item specifics such as "black striped peplum blouse," or "striped high-waist shorts," or "floral print balloon sleeved blouse." It's okay to get specific on these sites because that's what they are there for!

As I find items I like, I add them to my cart...even if I'm not 100% or iffy on them! This brings us to Tip #3.

Tip #3: Add every item you like to your cart and sort through them later

It kind of sounds wild, I know. This could lead you to some danger, but if you have a mental budget already set, there's no better time some good self-control skills could come in handy for!

If I like an item, I'll add it to my cart. This can sometimes be a long process, because if I'm really ready to go in on a seasonal haul, I will spend days looking at almost everything on the site---or as much of it as I can find. So my cart will sometimes add up, but once I get to the point where I'm ready to make my purchase, I go and sort through the items.