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JORD: The Perfect Unique Gift for this Holiday Season

JORD watch

JORD watch

Hey friends and Happy Wednesday!

Now that I've officially launched my Holiday series (which you can check out here), I wanted to talk with you about the perfect his/her Holiday gift: a JORD watch!

*DISCLAIMER* This post was made possible thanks to those at JORD in partnership with The Bleached Curl

I just received my JORD watch in the mail and I am in love! JORD is a company that is based in St. Louis and they specialize in creating sophisticated timepieces that are a mix of natural and largely re-claimed materials, combined with quality movements and components.

If you take a look at their site, they have tons of styles that are easily customizable to fit your exact wants and needs; whether it be color, craftsmanship or style. These watches really stand out compared to others (and I'm not just saying that to say it) because they are handcrafted wooden watches that are not only stylish but great for everyday wear!

I'm not typically a watch person, but the minute I laid eyes on these watches I instantly became one. Some watches are too bulky, too blingy, or just not that great for everyday use, but JORD watches are. And not only does it suit everyday wear, but these watches are also able to suit business or formal attire as well. This is definitely a stand-out accessory that is the perfect gift for a family member, friend or loved one.

The specific watch that I received is a part of the Frankie series, created of ebony and gold. Mine is all black, including the band and face, with gold detailing within the watch face itself. I love the all black because it's an easy color to style into any outfit. You can check out below how I styled this watch with a favorite sweater of mine just to see how perfect it suits an everyday style.

JORD watch, holiday, gift

JORD watch, holiday, gift

JORD watch, holiday, gift

Now that the Holiday season is officially here, the hectic shopping will begin. Given how crazy some stores can get, online shopping is a go-to of mine, especially for the Holiday's. You can easily order these watches online and customize them to size, style, color and more.

If you're looking for a more meaningful, long-lasting gift for a loved one, I would definitely recommend JORD. Not only are they customizable, but most of the backplates can be engraved. This is especially great for gifting to a loved one because you can engrave initials, or a small personal note on the back of the watch. Plus, your watch will come with a one year warranty and options for returns and exchanges. And even better, standard shipping is free worldwide. Who doesn't love free shipping?!

And just in time for your gift buying to begin, I will be running a giveaway for you to win $100 towards any JORD watch! To join, all you have to do is follow the link below and enter all of your information. Once the giveaway has concluded, you will be contacted via email with your gift code so you can start shopping at JORD!

JORD watch, holiday, gift

Click this link to enter the giveaway:

If you have any questions on this watch I received or about the giveaway, feel free to shoot me an email or DM on Instagram @abbygraf.

As always, don't forget to subscribe and share this post, and follow me (@abbygraf) AND JORD (@jordwatches) on Instagram. For the next few months my Holiday content will be in full swing. I will be posting a gift guide every Friday that will include items under $50 so you won't have to break the bank this Holiday season, plus special Holiday content each and every Sunday for you guys to check out, share, and shop!!

Until next time.


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