My Honest Review of Shein: All Your Questions Answered

honest review of shein

Hi lovelies!

I'm so excited to write this post for you. For months now, I've been ordering from Shein and I share a lot of their clothes and accessories on my blog, Instagram,, and Pinterest accounts. I get tons of questions weekly about you babes liking my items from Shein and wanting to order some of your own but you're either 1. Worried about the quality of the items, 2. Nervous that your items won't actually come, or 3. Scared that your items will be too big/too small because we've all read the iffy sizing reviews online--don't lie, I know you read them!

Online reviews are very mixed when it comes to shopping at Shein, and I've found that people either really love it or really just can't vibe with it. Last month, I shared with you my tips when it comes to any online retailer, but now I want to talk everything Shein. I've taken some of your questions I've gotten multiple times, plus the questions you sent in on my Instagram stories and I've got a lot to say! So sit down, grab a drink, and get ready to take some mental notes.

Here is everything you need to know about shopping at Shein.

*I want to note this post is not sponsored by the brand, nor am I affiliated with the brand at this time. All items featured in the photos below were purchased by me, no compensation involved. I just want to provide an honest review for you to refer to when you need your questions answered!* To shop each product featured, click on the photo and it'll direct you to my

First and foremost, what is Shein?

Shein is an online fashion retailer that thousands of millennial and bloggers have purchased from over the years because they sell trendy and chic items at affordable prices. A lot of the items sold by Shein are lower quality similar styles of top-trending items in higher retail stores. This can be helpful in many cases if you want to try out a specific style that's currently trending but you don't want to spend a lot of money on it because you either don't know what it will look like on you or know that it will probably be out of style by next season.

Shein often runs deals and is known for their cute styles that are oh-so-affordable.

Is the quality of Shein items good or bad?

Honestly, this really depends on what you order, and it really depends on how much research you do. Yes, research! Do. Your. Research. before you begin shopping and even while you're shopping at Shein. A lot of online blog reviews have a variety of things to say: the quality is very poor, some items are great quality, so on and so forth. But for me personally, I've found that the quality of each item is worth what I've paid for.

This blue blouse below was only $12 but it's truly one of the best quality pieces I've purchased from Shein's literally water resistant you guys, I was shocked lol.

blue self tie beaded blouse, shein, abby graf, the bleached curl

This white sweater was $16 and it's great for spring. I definitely could see it up-keeping long enough to wear through fall as well.

shein white jersey striped sweaer with flounce sleeves, abby graf, the bleached curl

If there's anything I needed to include in this Shein review, it's this summer dream of a look. This outfit includes two of my favorite purchases from Shein: the one shoulder crop top and ditsy floral print skirt. I love wearing these in the warmer months. The skirt was only $8 and the crop top only $6, but the quality has withheld itself through multiple wears.

floral print tiered skirt, one-shoulder crop top

These two pairs of shorts are some of my favorite pieces I’ve ordered from Shein. They’re both under $10 (which is a win in my book), and they were so trendy for summer time and a beach vacation. They're both also extremely versatile because I was able to style many different outfits around them.