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My Honest Review of Shein: All Your Questions Answered

honest review of shein

Hi lovelies!

I'm so excited to write this post for you. For months now, I've been ordering from Shein and I share a lot of their clothes and accessories on my blog, Instagram,, and Pinterest accounts. I get tons of questions weekly about you babes liking my items from Shein and wanting to order some of your own but you're either 1. Worried about the quality of the items, 2. Nervous that your items won't actually come, or 3. Scared that your items will be too big/too small because we've all read the iffy sizing reviews online--don't lie, I know you read them!

Online reviews are very mixed when it comes to shopping at Shein, and I've found that people either really love it or really just can't vibe with it. Last month, I shared with you my tips when it comes to any online retailer, but now I want to talk everything Shein. I've taken some of your questions I've gotten multiple times, plus the questions you sent in on my Instagram stories and I've got a lot to say! So sit down, grab a drink, and get ready to take some mental notes.

Here is everything you need to know about shopping at Shein.

*I want to note this post is not sponsored by the brand, nor am I affiliated with the brand at this time. All items featured in the photos below were purchased by me, no compensation involved. I just want to provide an honest review for you to refer to when you need your questions answered!* To shop each product featured, click on the photo and it'll direct you to my

First and foremost, what is Shein?

Shein is an online fashion retailer that thousands of millennial and bloggers have purchased from over the years because they sell trendy and chic items at affordable prices. A lot of the items sold by Shein are lower quality similar styles of top-trending items in higher retail stores. This can be helpful in many cases if you want to try out a specific style that's currently trending but you don't want to spend a lot of money on it because you either don't know what it will look like on you or know that it will probably be out of style by next season.

Shein often runs deals and is known for their cute styles that are oh-so-affordable.

Is the quality of Shein items good or bad?

Honestly, this really depends on what you order, and it really depends on how much research you do. Yes, research! Do. Your. Research. before you begin shopping and even while you're shopping at Shein. A lot of online blog reviews have a variety of things to say: the quality is very poor, some items are great quality, so on and so forth. But for me personally, I've found that the quality of each item is worth what I've paid for.

This blue blouse below was only $12 but it's truly one of the best quality pieces I've purchased from Shein's literally water resistant you guys, I was shocked lol.

blue self tie beaded blouse, shein, abby graf, the bleached curl

This white sweater was $16 and it's great for spring. I definitely could see it up-keeping long enough to wear through fall as well.

shein white jersey striped sweaer with flounce sleeves, abby graf, the bleached curl

If there's anything I needed to include in this Shein review, it's this summer dream of a look. This outfit includes two of my favorite purchases from Shein: the one shoulder crop top and ditsy floral print skirt. I love wearing these in the warmer months. The skirt was only $8 and the crop top only $6, but the quality has withheld itself through multiple wears.

floral print tiered skirt, one-shoulder crop top

These two pairs of shorts are some of my favorite pieces I’ve ordered from Shein. They’re both under $10 (which is a win in my book), and they were so trendy for summer time and a beach vacation. They're both also extremely versatile because I was able to style many different outfits around them.

polka dot shorts, disneyworld

striped ruffle shorts, shein, the bleached curl

But, this gorgeous dress was $12, and the mesh ripped in the back after wearing it....but that's what I mean when I said I've found that the quality of each item is worth what I've paid for.

Black mesh dress with pearl and fringe detailing, abby graf, the bleached curl, shein

This daisy-print romper was another lightweight summer dream, perfect for the hot Midwest summers we get here in Minnesota. I loved how airy the material was. It was only $8 and I got about six good wears from it before the strap broke in the back. So like I said, you typically get your moneys worth regardless.

blue daisy romper, shein, the bleached curl

Isn't the sizing like...completely wrong?

Remember when I just told you that you need to do your research even while you're shopping? That really applies here. One thing that I suggest is to know your measurements of your bust, waist, and hips before you begin (and your inseam if you're really that careful). This can be helpful on items that the sizing may seem wrong on because you can compare the measurements shown when you click each size to see which best matches yours.

Another thing I really suggest doing is reading the reviews of the items you're interested in. The reviews are so helpful when it comes to sizing, quality, and just seeing what it looks like on someone (because a lot of people post photo reviews). I read the reviews on every single item before I decide if it's going to go into my cart or not. Many times more often than not, I've been in good luck and the reviews are pretty solid. But in other cases, some reviews have driven me away from an item. The reviews are honestly your best friend in this case.

As for my sizing, I've been TTS in every single item I've purchased (either an XS or S), and I haven't had any issues with something being too small or too big.

yellow floral dress, shein, abby graf

Wearing a size S in this dress.

green buton down blouse, abby graf, shein

Wearing a S in this blouse.

This sweater dress was a one-size fits all and I honestly expected it to be an actual sweater, not dress length. I was a little surprised when it came in the mail, but for $20 it's the perfect fall/winter dress. One downside to it is that it is a little itchy but I always layer underneath it so I don’t feel the scratchy-ness of the material. The belt I'm wearing with it also came in a pack of three for only $7 and they too are one-size fits all. I had to make some of my own holes in the belts, but they've lasted me over a year now and I wear them almost every day.

shein sweater dress

This blouse (only $13) is probably my favorite Shein purchase ever. It fits extremely true to size (wearing a S) and it's easy to clean. The floral details on the sleeve really make any look and I just had to share my love for it (Earrings and necklace are also from Shein).

Shein floral sleeve blouse

Do you recommend Shein jewelry?

Yes, yes, yes! I really have loved all the jewelry I've ordered from Shein before. It's really affordable and you can find some really awesome statement pieces for great prices. I have a Shein jewelry review on my Instagram highlights that you can check out here.

One thing that I do want to note though is that the rings did lose some of their gold color (but that's a given, because they were cheap), but I did wear them a lot. They also do leave some gnarly blue rings on the back of your fingers, but it washes off with water. Just something to keep in mind!

SHein rings, manicure, abby graf, the bleached curl

Abby Graf, Shein choker necklace

This heart design ring set was only $3 and I purchased over a year ago and still to this day wear the rings. I've gotten so much use out of them. Not to mention, they're the perfect delicate Valentine's Day jewelry as well.

shein ring sets, the bleached curl

Shein earrings are one of my favorite gold-mines I’ve come across on the internet. Not kidding you when I say every single pair of earrings I’ve ordered from Shein have been stellar. I absolutely adore them. They’re extremely affordable and there are tons of options for statement earrings, drop earrings, studs and more. I have extremely sensitive ears so one wrong wear or earring can infect them. I’ve never had any issues with Shein earrings. Never. Ever. They withhold their quality better than any other cheap jewelry I’ve ever purchased and you really can’t go wrong with earrings that cost $2-5 (the ones in the photo were only $3 and SO fun) and make you look popping. I always recommend this: if you’re buying jewelry from Shein, for sure buy a pair or two of earrings. You’ll be amazed.

shein earrings, statement earrings

An item has no reviews, do you think I should still order it?

Are you a risk-taker? If your favorite food on the menu had no reviews, are you still going to like it? I don't know...this one is completely and 100% up to you. But have I, and would I personally? No I haven't and probably not. When it comes to Shein, I don't really like to take the risk on purchasing items that don't have reviews just because I don't know what I could be getting, and with all the horror stories I've read, I just don't want to waste my time on liking an item that could potentially be nothing as expected when it comes in the mail. With the reviews, at least I know and have something to count on.

How long do Shein orders take to ship?

So, it's not officially been stated, but rumor has it Shein is based out of China. And well, all of my packages have been shipped from there so I guess rumor confirmed? But, you have options when it comes to shipping with Shein. There is both Standard and Express.


-Free with orders over $49, otherwise $3.99

-Shipping time: 6-8 days


-Free with orders over $99, otherwise $12.90

-Shipping time: 2-4 days

I've shipped packages using both Standard and Express at different times. With Standard, my package arrived within 7 days of placing my order. With Express, each package came 4 days after placing my order.

There are reviews online that will say Shein shipping is iffy, but so far I've had no problems with it.

Should I pay for the Shipping Insurance?

If you're unaware of Shein Shipping Insurance, basically you can pay like $2.99 to insure your package in case it were to get lost or damaged in the mail. If you pay for this insurance and something like that were to happen, your package will get re-shipped to you for no charge.

I've placed orders where I have paid for the insurance and where I haven't. Each time, I've had no issue regarding my order, and I was never really worried they would get lost or stolen.

There are a few cases in which I will say yes, you should pay for shipping insurance though. If you've never ordered something from an international retailer before, I would pay for the insurance on at least your first few orders. I would also pay for it if you're like extremely nervous your package will get lost or damaged for some reason.

What is Shein swimwear like?

Okay, so really, Shein swimwear is a hit or miss. I have a one-piece swimsuit I ordered (pictured below) and I literally am obsessed with it. The quality is amazing, and the fit is very TTS. But, with the same order, I bought a two-piece high-waist bandeau bikini set and the top fit perfectly but the bottoms were way too big. NOTE: Neither of them were see-through. This is sometimes a struggle when it comes to Shein swimwear, because a lot of their bikinis are sold together so you can't have different size tops and bottoms. But I do love me that one piece though.

red one shoulder swimsuit, shein, abby graf