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Pacifica: A Must-Try 100% Vegan Beauty Brand

Pacifica Beauty Face Mask

Happy Thursday Babes!

I initially wrote this blog post last year but wanted to re-vamp it because Pacifica is still and always will be one of my favorite beauty brands ever and I just had to share!

*DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with the Pacifica Beauty brand*

pacifica beauty sheet masks and sleepover mask

I have been using Pacifica for a few years now and each and every time I use a product from their brand I fall more and more in love.

Pacifica, which is a 100% cruelty free and vegan brand, honestly caught my eye with their bright colored packaging and the variety of products they carry. I especially loved that the brand is cruelty free and 100% vegan because I knew that what I was putting on my face was safe to use and wouldn't really cause any harm. I have extremely sensitive skin and I've found this to be one of the only brands of masks that I can use without causing any irritation or redness.

The first ever Pacifica face mask I used was the Stress Rehab Sheet Mask which is made with coconut, green tea and caffeine.

pacifica stress rehab sheet mask

Because we are in this transitional period between winter and spring where everything is wet and mucky with some days very cold and some days in the mid-50's, my face doesn't know whether to be too dry or over-hydrated. My skin can be really sensitive when it comes to using different products like face masks, but once I began using the Stress Rehab mask, my face felt really cool and there was no irritation or redness. This mask really helps to de-stress my face and make it feel soft and calm. This is probably almost always my go-to Pacifica mask.

Another Pacfica Mask that I really like is the Super Green Detox Sheet Mask made with kale, charcoal, cilantro and green tea. This mask is used to help with clogged pores and blemish control and because I suffer from both, I figured I could try this product out to see if it would help balance out my skin.

As with the Stress Rehab Mask, after using this, my face felt more clean than it ever has before. My skin looked brighter and my complexion looked more toned and not as rigid and oily. The redness in my face was reduced, and also the mask smells really good so that's just an added bonus. After using the mask for about 20 minutes, my skin felt refreshed and replenished while looking smooth and awake. I loved that it didn't leave an oily feel which some masks do, nor did my skin feel sticky or clogged after its use.

Shying away from sheet masks, an overnight mask from Pacifica that I absolutely adore is the Wake Up Beautiful Sleepover Mask.

pacifica beauty super hydration sleepover mask

This overnight mask says for dry & combination skin types, so I figured my skin could only benefit from the ingredients in this hydration mask. Made with floral cells, quinoa and mushrooms, it was very thick and creamy. I applied it after washing my face with my usual face wash (Neutrogena Acne Stress Control) and rubbed it in, leaving it to soak in overnight.

The next morning, my face felt so smooth and hydrated. My complexion was even and my makeup seemed to go on a lot smoother as well. I hadn't actually ever used an overnight mask before using this one, and now it's the only one I'll ever use.

All three of these products are definitely beauty favorites of mine! You can shop them below now, or by heading to my and shopping through there!

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