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Checking In, Saying Hello, and Providing Updates on The Bleached Curl

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Hello! ️

It’s been a while since I’ve taken some time to update you on The Bleached Curl, what I’ve been up to, and what my content will be like moving forward. First and foremost, I hope you are taking care, staying safe, and staying sane through the trying times we are currently facing.

I want to start by saying I love fashion with my whole heart and I’m so grateful for this community that has been so accepting of me and my shared ideas. I’ve met some amazing women online from all over the country, even in other parts of the world. But with all things continuously evolving, people evolve, too.

The Bleached Curl is my pride and joy, but sharing my opinions and thoughts on fashion and lifestyle is something I personally feel is less relevant to the world now more than ever, especially when I can use my voice and platform to encourage change, and especially given the fact that I use this platform as an outlet to create and share aside from my full-time career. It would be shameful to my name to continue to inspire you with fashion when I have so much more than that to share with you. These past few months, I’ve spent time educating myself. Reading, listening, learning, writing. I’ve put all blog efforts on hold aside from a few collaborations and I’ve taken a complete step back from any content planning.

I needed time for me. I needed time to figure out how I was evolving and where my ideas and passions lay. I needed time to process the first half of 2020 and the grueling, heartbreaking events we have all witnessed together. It’s a lot to bear and it’s a lot to unpack. Sometimes, humans just need to take time to gather their thoughts, feelings, and expressions before sharing them with the world.

The Bleached Curl has always been an outlet I’ve created to share my thoughts, ideas, opinions more so on fashion and lifestyle than anything else. But over the last seven months, I’ve found my voice as an activist. I’m still learning, still acknowledging and understanding my past mistakes, still growing; but more importantly, I’m more eager than ever to continue the evolution of my activism and to grow in a society that is facing the systemic flaws of much-needed change that has been suppressed for many years. There’s a long way to go; it’s a learning process with many challenges along the way, but it feels way too good to stop.

I truly thank you for your support in my fashion and lifestyle journey, and The Bleached Curl will always be home to those fashion and lifestyle articles you have all so graciously engaged with and supported the last two years. But moving forward, The Bleached Curl is something that needs to evolve along with me as I too grow.

In some ways, I feel extremely overwhelmed, fully consumed by the madness of our current world. But it inspires me each and every day to become a better me, to express my true self with you all because there’s more to me than just fashion. There's more to me than just lifestyle. More to me than just sharing where you can find the best fashion deals online. I plan to take the remainder of the year to evolve my ideas for my blog and implement and share them.

I’m a busy-bee: I work full-time, I’m working the upcoming elections, I’m headed back to Grad school full time this fall (on top of my full-time career) to pursue my MA in Political Psychology. So with that, I cannot promise you consistency with my content. But what I can promise you is that each time you do hear from me, each time new content is put out from me, whether it’s a blog post, social media post or story, it is shared from my heart and it is something that I am truly and vigorously passionate about—topics that I think will be worth sharing my two cents on.

With personal evolution comes the realization that your assets are either something that evolves with you or something you leave behind as you grow. The Bleached Curl is something I’m far too fond of to leave behind as I grow, so I’ve decided to take it along with me. I hope more than ever you’re still willing to stick by my side as I enter this new transitional phase. Its times like these where we all need to show each other support in all aspects.

Thank you again for your undeniable, loving support. Below I have included a few graphics for you to read through regarding what I've been up to + an insight to topics I will be discussing moving forward.

I am looking forward to this next journey with you. I am looking forward to growing as an activist with you.

We'll talk soon.



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