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End-of-Summer Transitional Styles Under $50

summer to fall transitional pieces

August...already?! I swear time flies when you're having fun....or just when you're extremely busy.

This is my first blog post in almost a month and I just wanted to say thanks to you all for being ever so patient with me.

But now that it's finally August, that means fall is just around the corner (I mean, kind of). But fall clothing planning is underway and we need to talk transitional styles.

If you're not familiar, transitional styles are clothes or accessories that you can wear to have an easy wardrobe transition into the new season. When the weather starts to change, you almost always need something to accommodate to it that is a mix between the previous and upcoming seasons.

My favorite transitional styles are by far summer to fall because they're two of my favorite seasons sort of blended into a sub-season if you get what I mean. Not to mention, summer and fall wardrobes in general are my absolute favorite. Here in the Midwest, the weather is always moody around this time too, so it's good to be prepared with whatever hits you.

When it comes to summer to fall transitional wear, a favorite print of mine is florals. I loooove a good floral print and love it especially around this time because it's the perfect time to start breaking out the darker, less flamboyant colors (not that there's anything wrong with them, but I'm a sucker for deep reds, greens and blues).

Floral print is always great for transitioning because it can be easily styled with just about anything and layered with something if needed.

Below I've shared some end-of-summer transitional styles I just love with some commentary on how they can be styled and more. All under $50.

Hope you all love my picks just as much as I do! Don't forget to subscribe below to be updated on the latest.



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