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Welcome to The Bleached Curl

Abby Graf; The Bleached Curl; OOTD

Whether it was spilling bright pink nail polish all over my brown gauchos when I was seven, riding my bike in a bright green skirt just to have it get caught in the wheel and tear when I was eight, or wearing too short of a denim skirt in junior high school all the time, some of my most embarrassing and cringe-worthy memories link back to a love that has never left or failed me: fashion.

Hello and welcome! I’m Abby Graf, a 20 year old college student that loves all things fashion and writing. Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog! First things first, let's talk the name-- The Bleached Curl. As you can tell, I'm a natural brunette but a blonde at heart. When I started this blog, I was a blondie for two years then decided to go back to my roots and channel my inner blonde internally, hence "bleached." As for the "curl," I've got a heck of a lot of them and they primarily define a part of me and so alas, The Bleached Curl was created.

abby graf, the bleached curl

I'll admit, I've always loved fashion from a young age, and honestly, if it wasn't for those online Bratz and Barbie games where you got to pick and choose different outfit, makeup and hair looks, my passions could've walked a much different line and landed me in a world complete opposite of the one I'm venturing through today.

But on a more serious note, I truly owe my love for fashion to being raised by my mom and living almost all of my life with just her and my sister, which led to some serious closet robbing and some not so pretty fights over pieces of clothing that technically weren't mine but I had chosen to wear anyway. I also owe it to having one very stylish grandmother, who, at least once a week, had a new piece of clothing for me that she either thrifted or bought off of none other than you guessed it: QVC.

Currently I am pursuing a degree in professional writing along with a double minor in marketing and public relations. I’m a year ahead in my undergraduate career (!!!) and will be graduating in May of 2019. I come from a small town right outside of the Twin Cities and aside from writing and fashion, I also love reading, spending time with my friends, family, and boyfriend, Trenton. I also love traveling, my dog, Tony, and Taylor Swift.

As I've gotten older, I've appreciated more and more of the effortless flair that fashion plays as a role in society. Along with fashion, I've also had a passion for you can obviously see where that lead me to.

On this blog, you’ll find fashion and lifestyle related posts. My content includes photos, personal insight and opinion, fashion tips, and much more!

I've worked so hard on putting this blog together and it's something that I am so proud of and so excited to finally share! My hope throughout this process is that this will inspire some of you in ways other women have inspired me.

So welcome to The Bleached Curl! I am so glad that you’re here to read what my small-town, fashion loving, Minnesotan-self has to say. Feel free to subscribe, like/comment/share posts, or reach out to me on Instagram and Pinterest @abbygraf! I look forward to sharing my content with you all :)



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