20 Fun Facts About Me

October 22, 2018


Hello, it's meeeeeeeee. 


We are back at it with another post, and there are some newbies on here + on my Instagram and so I thought I'd share a little bit about myself with you all, as I've never done a post like this before. With that being said, here are 20 fun facts about me!


1. I am currently a senior at a small college in Minnesota called Southwest Minnesota State University. I'm studying Professional Writing and Communication, with a double minor in marketing and public relations. I came into college with no IB, AP, or PSEO classes and worked my butt off to get ahead and will be graduating a year early in May of 2019, before I even turn 21 (my birthday is June 30th)! That's only seven months away, and let me tell you, the stress is REAL. I'm currently taking a 20 credit load and the thought of job hunting soon scares the bejesus out of me. 


2. Along with blogging and my 20 credits right now, I am also a feature writer for my University. I interview students, faculty and more, and write stories that are all published on the front page of my University's website. I have also done writing for both The Odyssey and College Fashion. You can find all of my articles here and here.


3.  When I was a a junior and senior in high school I had no idea what I wanted to major in and I first was planning to go into psychology...and look where we are now. I never really realized how much I actually loved writing until I got to my freshman year of college all thanks to my first ever writing professor. I wrote one of my favorite ever stories (an actual event that happened in my life), and she loved it so much that it inspired me to keep doing what I loved, and to do it forever.  I had always kept a journal, written short stories, and could always pen out a research paper in one sitting in high school (and still now), but that light never really came through until later I guess.


4. Thinking back to where my passion from writing has come from, my earliest memory of writing comes from when me and my childhood best friend would take songs (somehow they ended up always being 2006 era Taylor Swift, two years before I even began being a die-hard fan), and re-create their lyrics. I would literally look at the lyrics of the song, and then draft my own that fit the tone, style, and gestures that the original ones did. 


5. Now that I've mentioned Taylor Swift... I am the most die-hard Taylor fan. Like ever. Since 2008, I have stanned her like no other, and I look up to her in so many ways and she is one of my biggest role models. I have been to 15 of her concerts total, and have traveled to six different states to see her live in concert lol.  I've also met Taylor two times, during both the 1989 World Tour and reputation Stadium Tour (*prays I don't get attacked for this...yes, that is a real thing in the TS fandom). The most recent time I met her, I asked her to hand-write lyrics from my favorite song, "Holy Ground," for me to get them tattooed. She so kindly did it with the biggest smile on her face and now I'll always have something meaningful between just her and me.


6. I have the biggest love for my dog, Tony...and for all dogs for that matter. Anyone that is close to me knows how much I love him. He's 13 and still a trooper, always wanting to go to the park to run, always jumping in the car without any help, and always showing off to me anytime I get home from school because his love for me is just as great as my love for him (ask anyone). I will quite literally die of heartbreak when he passes away. 


7. I've always loved the idea of writing a novel (this is the first time I've ever admitted that, ever), but I have never really been able to figure out how to craft my ideas into a great story-line. I always fell short and if you were to look into old documents of mine on my laptop, you'd find tons of stories that were never completed. But my one main theme throughout them all is that the main character had a great sense of style and loved fashion (shocker).


8. I have a condition called Torticollis and I've had it since birth. It simply means that my neck muscles are contracted on my left side (essentially tighter and shorter) and it makes my head to the left side. So if you've ever wondered why my head is tilted in any of my pictures, this would be why. I've been getting texts daily from my mom after I post a picture saying "neck stretches. now." Lol. I've had surgery to release my muscle twice but it's still as tight as a rope and I'll admit I never do my stretches so I can't complain too much when it's partially my own fault. 


9. I believe that my passion for fashion sprouted from my mom, grandmother, and sister. My mom always had me dressed in the cutest outfits when I was younger (until I took over and went on this "no jeans" thing for years...) and my grandmother (who passed away just last year) was always the most stylish woman I knew. A majority of the coats and jackets you'll see in my posts were hers that she either gifted to me when she was alive, or that I kept once she passed. She had a keen eye for thrifting and always picked out the best products (which is why a lot of my jackets are no longer in stock because they're older, timeless pieces). I also have always looked up to my sisters sense of style as well, and it was always fun being able to shop her closet when I was younger and needed something to wear, haha. 


10. My dream job is to work with a major fashion company or publication as a writer or social media strategist.


11. I designed my blog completely on my own. I didn't buy a template, or use one that Wix (where my blog is through) offered. I started with a blank white slate and hours and hours and hours later (over a days worth broken down over the span of a month or so), The Bleached Curl was created and launched. 


12. I came up with the name "The Bleached Curl" while sitting in my advertising class last spring. I had almost the entire website designed, but no name. I spent hours trying to find inspiration online and nothing. I have pages of notes of potential names, but never really liked any of them. At the time The Bleached Curl was thought up, I had blonde hair. I'm naturally a dark brunette, and I stayed blonde for a little over two years. I also have really curly hair. And so one day in advertising class I was writing down ideas for blog names and The Bleached Curl popped into my head and stuck. And alas, she was born. And even though I'm back to brunette now (I still have some blonde highlights), I 100% feel like a blonde.


13. I am a part of the four-eyes fam but I rarely ever wear my glasses. Which is why this post is accompanied with probably the one and only photo you'll see of me with glasses on.


14. My favorite food hands-down is mashed potatoes.


15. My favorite places to shop are either Forever 21 or Old Navy.


16. I own 30 pairs of shoes and 20 jackets/coats (I have a love for both).

17. I like to travel a lot. This year alone I've visited: Florida, Missouri, Nebraska, Illinois twice, California, Kentucky, Tennessee, and New York.  Seven of which those places were all traveled to by car (I did a lot of road tripping this summer).


18. My favorite cities in the United States are San Diego and New York City. On opposite ends of the country, but both have my heart.


19. I love to talk... a lot. Which is why you may be able to presume why this post got a little out of hand length wise, I just couldn't stop!


20.  I love to cook.


So there you have it. Me in a nutshell. I'd love to hear if you guys have any similar interests of mine or have any questions/comments on any of my facts, so feel free to shoot me an email or DM on Instagram and I'll get back to you!


Thanks for reading, and check back later this week for a DIY Halloween Costume post where I'll be linking items and talking tons of easy DIY costumes for the upcoming Holiday!


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