9 Things to Do in Nashville for a Fun and Relaxing Vacation

July 9, 2018


Hi, hi, hi!


What a relief to be back in (semi) cooler weather! I just got back a few days ago from my road trip to Nashville with my sister and it was so fun! We first made our way to Louisville, KY to catch the Reputation Stadium Tour on my 20th birthday, then we headed to Nashville to stay over the 4th. Neither of us had ever been to Nashville before so we didn't really know what to expect. My sister heavily researched restaurants to go to and places we could tour/visit. So most of what you'll see below was either discovered or planned out by her (lol). 


Nashville was a blast. The city is full of tons of different atmospheres, from intimate live performances for 70 tops at The Bluebird Cafe, to the live bands playing in Broadway Bars like Jason Aldean's, to the symphony playing in the Ascend Amphitheater while the fireworks lit off on the Fourth of July. Everywhere you go in Nashville, not one place is like the other. No matter where you are, you experience the same kind of culture yet in a totally different way and to me, that's what made Nashville so unique. 


The heat and humidity was no joke though! When we left the fireworks at 10pm on the 4th, it was still 95 degrees out. Though it was hot, it still made for a fun time because much of what we did consisted of being inside, besides for the walking and a few other fun things that you can find below! I've been waiting to have some time to sit down to write and edit this post, and I am finally able to and I'm so excited to share all of these fun things with you!


We dined at tons of different restaurants and did a lot of fun tourist-y (and non tourist-y) things that I wanted to share with you all on a sort of Things To Do in Nashville type list! I could split this into a ton of different posts, but I'd rather keep it all on one so I'm going to split the list up with Places to Dine and Places to See. There's so many things on this list and I recommend trying/doing every single thing on the list if you ever find yourself in the heart of Music City.


Places to Dine


1. Milk and Honey


Milk & Honey was this cute and trendy restaurant located right in the Gulch area in Nashville. A coffee shop that also serves lunch and dinner, they have a variety of things on their menu so there's no worry when it comes to choosing. They also made wood-fired pizza (which we got but it is sadly not pictured), made with homemade dough cooked fresh daily. 

I really liked this restaurant for many different reasons. It was a light and fun atmosphere and the food was delicious. The hummus platter (pictured above) came with three different spreads, veggies and pita bread. The pizza came wood-fired, cut into eight slices. Aside from the restaurant, they also have a place where you can buy fresh gelato and coffee, along with souvenirs like mugs, honey, and more.



2. The Mockingbird Cafe